February 25, 2013

The only way is up

This post is about some teasing... The hair with mask piece is unreleased from AVZ by Hern Worsley. My secret agent spies have told me that the genius cyberpunk creator might return to the grid and reopen a store... Then some teasing for the fan Digital Eyes * Animated Fan * Contrast Black that will be a cheapie at Shop Free*Style opening in 2 days, as well as that pose from HelaMiyo - The only way is up.
No more teasing, now for the shopping: my skin is Glam Affair- Mary - Natural. This amazing couture body [LeeZu!] NOIR Naiidi Suit and those fabulous [LeeZu!] Time Square Overknee Boots are from the last releases of the great Leezu. She's one of the designer who, besides the fact that she creates all from scratch, has always known how to adapt to the SL techniques, then takes all to a new level.
I wish Leezu will become one day a real life designer!

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