December 4, 2016

I am 10 years old!!! 10 gifts for you

I never thought I'd still be here today but I AM 10 YEARS OLD! :D
Second Life has been an incredible journey. I am really happy for all the talented, creative, crazy cool people I met inworld from all around the world and then I met lots of them IRL. It would have never been possible without Second Life.
I want to thank everybody who crossed my path during those 10 years, either as Morgan Kincess or as Miyoko Magic, or in the real world.
Anyway, I've put 10 products as dollarbie gifts at my shops Digital Eyes (6 gifts: 5 animated fans and one pack of hair) and HelaMiyo (4 gifts: 3 packs of unisex poses and 1 prefab).
The gifts are in the middle of normal products so you just have to find which ones are at 1L$ by clicking on the vendors ;) 
Morgan Kincess or Miyoko Magic

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